Terms and Conditions

When hiring a Jim’s Jumping Castle or party equipment, there are a number of terms and conditions that you must comply with. You will find below a list of some of these terms and conditions.

There maybe a variation to these as our local business owners may have specific terms that apply to their local area. They will provide you with a full list of these terms and conditions before each booking is made.

Please read through these thoroughly and sign once you have fully understood them. If you have any questions feel free to ask your local business owner.


Customer – Person who is hiring the jumping castle or party equipment

JBO – Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire business owner (franchisee)

Equipment, Rent & Terms of Rental Agreement

The undersigned as the customer, hires from Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire known as JBO.


Delivery is to the street address specified by the customer (Client). Customer grants JBO the right to enter the property at the said address (delivery address) for the pickup of the equipment/castle at the specific time.

If the equipment/castle is to be set up in a local park, then the customer must arrange approval and permits from the local government authority. Written approval must be provided to the JBO along with any special conditions.


A deposit will be taken by the JBO from the customer at the time of booking to lock in equipment/castle and dates. If the customer cancels hire 14 days out, then the deposit will be refunded less any expenses. If the booking is cancelled withing the 14 days of organised date, the customer may not be eligible for a refund.

Customers will be required to pay for the equipment hire in full the day before or day of the hire.

These terms may vary so please enquire with you local Jim’s Jumping Castle & Party Hire provider in regards to this.

Hire Times

Hire setup times are typically during daylight hours, to allow for easy set up. A standard hire time for equipment/castle is of 4-hour duration. Longer or overnight hires can be arranged but you would need to talk to your local Jim’s operator.

Transportation Expense

Except as provided herein, all charges in delivery and subsequent pickup of the equipment/castle with respect to the delivery address are included in the hire fee. In the event the delivery address or pick-up address is different, then an extra transportation fee may apply.

If the hire is outside of a CBD and or country area there maybe extra charges in relation to transport and you will need to discuss this with your local business owner.

Please discuss with your local Jim’s operator when obtaining a free quote if there are any extra transportation or delivery costs.

General Use Rules to Follow During Use of Equipment/Castle

The following rules must be adhered to at all times when using our party equipment or castles.

  1. Only compatible agree groups and size shall play on the castles at the same time.
  2. All users MUST REMOVE SHOES before playing in the inflatable castle.
  3. To avoid neck injuries, FLIPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  5. Absolutely NO “SILLY STRING” or similar products, gum, candy, food, or other sticky substances are allowed in the jumping castle. If upon pick up and during the cleaning process it is discovered that this has been used and extra $100 cleaning fee will automatically be imposed on your booking.
  6. DO NOT MOVE THE JIM’S JUMPING CASTLE or equipment from where it is placed. If the jumping castle moves let your local operator know and they will give you clear instructions of what to do.
  7. The equipment/castle must be kept away from swimming pools at all times.
  8. If castle deflates for some reason, please let the local Jim’s business owner (JBO) know immediately.
  9. The customer, adults or JBO are the only ones permitted to operate our party equipment.

Special Instructions

The equipment we use is reliable and tested regularly. Should the castle start to deflate, get all children and adults off the castle immediately.

Please check the following for the cause of deflations:

  • If the motor has stopped working, check the power supply and power cords. Check the safety switches associated with the power supply.
  • Check the on/off button on the blower.
  • Check the tubes coming out of the castle for snugness around blower or for the ones not in use being closed off.

Once you have checked this, but inflation is still not occurring then contact you local Jim’s Jumping Castle provider on their mobile immediately.

If our supplied party equipment fails or malfunctions, please stop using it immediately and contact your local provider immediately.

Safe Operation Acknowledgement

The customer acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understands the safe operations of the equipment/castle that is subject of the rental agreement. Customers agree to observe all safety precautions given to them by the local Jim’s Jumping Castle business owner.

Customer also represents and warrants the safe return of the equipment/castle in the same condition in which it was delivered. If not the customer with be held responsible for any necessary repair work or replacement of hire items.

Only power cords provided by the JBO can be used on any hired castle or equipment. These cords are tested and tagged and inspected on each hire. If a power cord becomes frayed or damaged during the hire, the bouncy castle or equipment must be unplugged immediately. The local Jim’s business owner must be contacted as soon as possible.


The customer agrees to keep the equipment/castle in the same condition as when it was received. The client will be held responsible for any damaged caused to equipment/castle during hire, with the exception of normal ware and tare.

Alterations and Attachments

No alterations are to be made to the equipment/castle without prior written approval from the JBO.

Title To

The customer agrees to keep the Jim’s equipment/castle in his/her custody and not to sublease, rent, sell or remove from the delivery address, or otherwise transfer the equipment/castle. The equipment/castle will remain the property of the JBO and may be removed by JBO at any time after the termination of the hire agreement.

Release of Liability

The customer shall be in charge of the equipment/castle operation and is fully responsible for its operation as well as the return of the equipment in good working order. Jim’s, JBO, officers and employees are not responsible for injury occurring to the customer or any other person using the equipment/castle. The customer further agrees to hold Jim’s, JBO, officers and employees free and harmless against any injury or claim.

The customer shall indemnify the Jim’s, JBO, officers and employees from/against any cost incurred due to claims from anyone and for attorney’s fees and related costs involving the use and return of the equipment/castle, should legal action be necessary.

Entire Agreement

The Rental Agreement constitutes the full agreement between the customer and JBO. This is of the essence in this Rental Agreement. The receipt of the equipment/castle that is subject of the Rental Agreement is in good working order and repair and this is so acknowledge by the customer.

Rain Policy

During periods of severe weather conditions (i.e., strong winds, rain), the local Jim’s business owner reserves the right to cancel your reservation. If the conditions are not too severe you may have the option of keeping your booking. If you decide to keep the booking, there will be no refunds!

Your local Jim’s Jumping Castle provider will provide you with an updated terms and conditions document. You must accept and sign document before the hire can take place.