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Have you been dreaming of starting your own business? With a Jim’s Castle Business Opportunity Brisbane – Buy a Franchise to be your own boss. As one of our most flexible businesses with mainly weekend work, this is a highly popular franchise option with a rapidly growing team.

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Jumping Castle Business Opportunity Brisbane – Buy a Franchise

Jim’s Castles has a unique business model in that most people generally start out working part-time. This enables you to continue working your regular 9-5 on weekdays while building your own business on the weekends.

With only a week of training needed to get started and ongoing support from your local franchisor mentor, it works out to be a relatively low-risk way of becoming self-employed.

We simplify the business start-up process for you

With Jim’s proven formula for business development, we make the business start-up process as easy as possible as we provide training and ongoing support.

This means you don’t need to worry about things like making your own website, or even working out how customers will contact you. Jim’s provides you with all the resources you will need to run a successful business from the beginning.

You will also have the support of a local mentor to guide you through the business start-up process.

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Become a part of Australia’s leading franchising group

Since 1989, every division of Jim’s Group has been operating with business principles and practices that have helped over 4,500 franchises succeed in a wide range of industries.

By choosing to become a part of our well-established franchise model, you’ll be able to create your own success story with our proven business systems. You can be confident that your investment is set up with a solid foundation.

You choose when you work

Having a Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire Franchise has plenty of benefits, the major one allowing you to have ultimate control of when and where you work.

Another benefit to being part of a large network means if you are not able to work, another franchisee can step in to take enquiries for you.

You’re able to set your availability and desired lead locations to suit your own needs. There certainly aren’t many businesses out there that offer such a high degree of flexibility, as well as stability.

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How much can I earn?

Like any business, the effort you put in directly affects your income. If you choose to chase enquires, it is quite easy to get castles hired out.

Your franchise comes with 3 basic jumping castles. An average hire is usually around 4 hours long and the cost to the client is between $200-$500, depending on what castle is hired.

Now take into consideration the possibility of 3 castles being hired out twice a day. If you only did hires on weekends, it means that you could possibly do 12 hires over the two days.

A motivated person can earn even more money as it is possible to get more jumping castles involved in your franchise. The purpose-built trailer can hold up to 6 standard backyard jumping castles. With some quick calculations, you can see you could be earning much, much more.

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Hire Out Rates (4hrs)

Castle Hire Out (4hrs) $200-500 depending on size and features

Slushy Machine Hire (4hrs) $150

Popcorn Machine Hire (4hrs) $100

Fairy Floss Machine Hire (4hrs) $100

Bluetooth Speark Hire (4hrs) $50

Combo Pack: 1 Castle + Slushy Machine + Fairy Floss + Popcorn (4hrs) $600-800

=’s What you hire per booking  x’s  number of bookings per day

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Ongoing support from your local mentor

Being a new franchisee can be daunting, but with an experienced mentor that has done it all before, you’ll feel much more confident.

When you join Jim’s Group, we’ll match you with your very own mentor who is an experienced franchisee in your local area. As your direct franchisor, they are heavily invested in your success. They’ve already helped several other new franchisees launch their own profitable businesses and built a strong team where everyone supports each other.

Grow your business faster with your Jim’s Group Mentor

Your mentor has a wealth of information and has had firsthand experience in operating a thriving Jumping Castle business. Their job is to answer any questions that you may have and provide advice.

They’ll often share tips from other franchisees about strategies which are working well, that can then be applied to your business. For example, they will encourage you to do Local Area Marketing and offer their experience as to what works best in your area.

Start your dream business today with Jim’s Group

Secure your future with an exciting business investment in a Jim’s Jumping Castle and Party Hire franchise in your local area. With flexible working hours, ongoing support and a well-established business model, your franchise is well placed to become successful just like many others before you.

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